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Cyrus 8 Power - stereo power amplifier
Cyrus 8 Power brushed black finish Cyrus 8 Power quartz silver finish

Cyrus 8 Power Features:

  • 8 Power can be used as a stereo or mono power amplifier. Used as a stereo amplifier this will deliver a solid 60 Watts per channel or in mono mode will deliver 110 Watts (8 ohms).
  • Technically competent, the 8 Power ranks highly amongst its peers for technical specifications such as noise, distortion, damping factor and current delivery into a wide range of speaker loads.

Product Overview

The 8 Power is the ideal partner for the Pre XPd. Or equally it will be a perfect match to bi-amp the 8a, 8 DAC or 8 Qx DAC. These combinations sound extremely good and offer outstanding value, not only sonically, but because the 8 power is so upgradeable. It can evolve from a stereo 60W per channel (8ohms) power amp all the way through to a powerful 220W (4ohms) mono amplifier.

Technical Information

Power output Stereo: 60W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 90W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Power output Mono: 110W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 150W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Power output stereo + PSX-R: 60W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 110W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Power output mono + PSX-R: 125W/CH (both driven into 8 Ohms) 220W/CH (both driven into 4 Ohms)
Distortion: <0.002%, (1kHz into 8 Ohms) <0.01%, (20Hz-20kHz into 8 Ohms)
Frequency Response: 0.1Hz – 100Khz (-3dB)
Output Current: 30A peak
Sensitivity (RCA input): 413mV (for 60W stereo into 8 Ohms)
Input impedance: 20Kohm
S/N Ratio: 112dBA (ref 60W)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Finish: Quartz Silver & Brushed Black

Inputs - Phono sockets
Outputs - Bi-wirable Loudspeakers, Chain out

Internal power Supplies
1 x 180 VA Toroidal transformer

External power Supplies - Highly regulated PSX-R upgradeable

MC-BUS™ System BUS

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