Cyrus iR14 remote control

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Cyrus iR14 remote control
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Cyrus iR14 Features:

  • Much more modern in appearance with backlit metal cover and of a higher quality than the actual silver plastic remote control
  • It contains full IR commands for all current Cyrus units, streamers included
  • You can program the remote for 2 extra devices such as a TV or PVR or a legacy Cyrus equipment. 


Product Overview

The Cyrus iR14 gives you full control over your Cyrus equipment, and other infrared devices in your home.

The stylish iR14 can easily become your only remote, by learning the functions of up to two other remote controls.

With a stylish design, intuitive layout and backlit keypad that responds to your every movement, the iR14 is a great way to control your Cyrus equipment. 

If combined with Cyrus’s unique MC-Bus communication system, the iR14 becomes the hub of your system, controlling an entire system with a few button presses.

You can easily switch between controlling your hi-fi, TV and Satellite at the press of a button, and the responsive remote control even shows you with item you’re currently in control of. 

Technical Information
Control type - Line-of-sight infrared
Batteries used - 2 x AAA

Cyrus iR14 remote control
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