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CYRUS - Stereoplay (Germany) reviewCYRUS - Stereoplay (Germany) review

Cyrus Lyric 09

CYRUS Lyric 09 - Stereoplay (Germany) review
  • Lyric 09 is Stereoplay Group Test "Highlight" Winner
  • Price/ Performance: "Outstanding"
  • Cyrus Lyric 09 is a majestic device that's full of power.
  • The Lyric 09 can drive great big floor-standing speakers. We moved up from the small studio monitors to the room filling Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond speakers. This does look unusual; we would normally put impressive mono blocks with the 72 kilo speakers.
  • However, in this case, it is a single component which doesn’t merely bravely hold its own, rather threatens to make a mockery of separate mono amps.....the Lyric 09 remained strong as iron demonstrating incredible strength, the B&W have seldom sounded so natural.
  • As far as sound, design and user functionality goes, the Lyric 09 is one of the heroes of this test and our surprise winner.
  • Often the phrase “All-in-one“, can mean everything is levelled into a middle class middle of the road performance. The Lyric 09 is different: great high end, perfect sound staging, high resolution, dynamic and very stable power amplification.
CYRUS Lyric 09 - Stereolife (Poland) review
CYRUS Lyric 09 - Stereolife (Poland) review
CYRUS Lyric 09 - Stereolife (Poland) review

Cyrus Lyric 09

CYRUS Lyric 09 - Stereolife (Poland) review
  • The tonal balance is actually perfect. The same can be said of timbre - is neither cool nor insulated. Lyric 09 just playing, acting like a high-end amplifier. In the first minutes rather not throw listeners to his knees, but then begin to bestow it more and more respect.
  • The sound was always tight and ready even for the arrival of total slaughter. Respect. Which in addition to the overall neutrality and speed can appeal to the Cyrus? Certainly dynamics and stereophony.
  • Cyrus Lyric 09 is a complete audio system in one box to which you can connect up to 14 sources and loudspeakers... Cyrus can play files in 24-bit. Built-in 32-bit data performs upsampling to 192kHz. The interior of such a versatile device should look like a mountain of cars in the junkyard, but - here there is even German order.
  • VERDICT: Cyrus Lyric 09 is extremely modern device with a mature audiophile sound... The price may seem high, but think how much you would spend buying a separate amplifier, converter, player, streamer and tuner, and to separate table for all the junk and again on the remote control to them. I was convinced by the device.
Cyrus Lyric 09 - AV Magazine Excellence Awards 2015 "All-In-One System Of The Year"
  • Lyric 09 -- AV Magazine Excellence Awards 2015 "All-In-One System Of The Year"
Lyric 09 - What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2014 - "Best Music system £1,500+"
  • Lyric 09 -- What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2014 "Best Music system £1,500+"
  • A strong style statement from Cyrus and an even stronger sonic performance makes the Lyric 09 a must-audition. It’s a superb system.
  • Unbelievably detailed sound ; Wonderfully open and spacious presentation ; Powerful delivery ; Decent control app ; Packed with useful functionality
Cyrus Lyric 09 - HiFi einsnull review

Cyrus Lyric 09

Cyrus Lyric 09 - HiFi einsnull review
  • "Versatility and comfort of Cyrus knows how to convince. Some may wonder about the new design, but all resentment evaporates when listening."
Cyrus Lyric 09 - Hi-Fi + review

Cyrus Lyric 09

Cyrus Lyric 09 - Hi-Fi + review
  • Hooked up to PMC fact.8 loudspeakers with Townshend Isolda cable, the sound is pacey and very open. It is also uncannily clean.
  • The Cyrus Lyric 09 makes many of its rivals sound a little grubby or earthy in comparison, but without the ‘shiny’ sound that you might expect from an amp designer over-compensating. It has excellent depth when the recording allows, and always works well with regard to tempo.
  • Lyric is a tour de force for Cyrus. The sound quality combined with the feature count and sheer ease of use puts it in the premier league. The amplifier is a major upgrade on virtually all multi-source, single box solutions and makes Lyric good enough for some very revealing loudspeakers. This is a product for today!
Cyrus Lyric 09 - AVSA review

Cyrus Lyric 09

Cyrus Lyric 09 - AVSA review
  • AVSA South Africa’s premier audio visual magazine, reviews the Lyric’s ability to deliver real music with verve and authority:
  • Deon Schoeman takes us on a musical journey sharing how the Lyric makes The London Symphony Orchestra sound rich in emotion and expansive in scale, and how the luscious swing of Robbie Williams’ Swing Both Ways, is proof of our talent for scale and occasion!
  • Schoeman seems lost in the moment as the Lyric takes him to the realms of believable sound, with brooding presence, a smooth glass finish and soft touch controls, Schoeman compliments the Lyric on its sexiness, muscle and robustness.
CYRUS Lyric 05 - AUDIO review

Cyrus Lyric 05

CYRUS Lyric 05 - AUDIO review
  • Sound Rating: 100 points, Price / performance: "very good"
  • "Recommendation: a dynamic sound"
  • "Versatile all-in-one-system with powerful sound”
  • "Despite the futuristic concept of the L-05 woke the round and yet sprightly playing character with rich, varied middle reminding of classic British sound virtues. The heights are exclusive and reserved, but not imposed. The bass met exactly the right level of juicy punch and volume - at a quite high level of control."
CYRUS Lyric 09 - STEREO (Germany) review

Cyrus Lyric 09

CYRUS Lyric 09 - STEREO (Germany) review
  • Sound level: 100%, Price / Performance: "excellent"
  • "A complete system of the highest class in the smallest CD players space, DAB + / FM, Internet Radio, 32-bit DAC, streaming client and the enormously potent hybrid amp, deliver incredibly high sound quality. Top not just as a second system. Fascinating."
Cyrus Lyric 09 - Hi-Fi Choice Poland review

Cyrus Lyric 09

Cyrus Lyric 09 - Hi-Fi Choice Poland review
  • Over in Poland’s version of Hi-Fi Choice, the Lyric 09 gained a laudable five stars verdict
  • “Clear, detailed and dynamic sound”
Cyrus Lyric 09 - Diapason D'Or 2013 Award

Cyrus Lyric 09

Cyrus Lyric 09 - Diapason D'Or 2013 Award
  • At 2013 Diapason D’Or Awards, Cyrus Lyric 09 was named Best All-In-One System of the year!
  • The prestigious French award recognises everything we designed Lyric Series to do – including it’s revolutionary looks, fantastic functionality, and of course our uncompromising sound quality.
Cyrus Lyric 09 - What Hi-Fi verdict

Cyrus Lyric 09

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • All the individual elements of the song hang neatly in a clear, open soundstage. There's an impresive sense of power and drive on tap too.
  • A really strong sonic performance makes the Lyric 09 a must-audition. It's superb
  • Detailed sound ; open presentation ; powerful delivery ; control app ; functionality

Cyrus Lyric Features:

  • One music box solution - enjoy high quality music with no hassle
  • 200 watts per channel continuous output power (into 6 Ohms)
  • Hi-end stream engine built in
  • Servo Evolution - it draws more data from a compact disc than any other CD reader
  • Multiple digital music sources: LAN (NAS, PC etc), TuneIn internet radio, TIDAL lossless music streaming, 2x Coax digital inputs, 2x Optical digital inputs, 2x USB A, 1xUSB B
  • Upsampling 32bit/ 192kHz digital to analogue converter 
  • Linear power supply throughout for minimal noise
  • Huge power reserve provided by a vast 475VA linear power supply
  • 11 separate power supplies – to maximise separation of different circuits
  • Speaker Impedance Adjustment - make the most of the speakers you are using
  • New display featuring proximity sensor - will signal the display and controls to light up for you
  • Hand-finished glass and aluminium casing
  • Controlled using our Cadence App, you can search tracks from your complete library and play them at the touch of a button
Cyrus streaming:  MinimServer - Recommended install (including Synology and Qnap NAS users)

Recommended install for Synology and Qnap NAS users:

You'll get excellent sound quality from your music collection if you're using MinimServer as your music server software.



Technical Information


Continuous power: 2 x 200W per channel (into 6 Ohms)
THD+N for digital input: 0.008% (1kHz)
THD+N for analogue input: 0.012% (1kHz)
DAC: Upsampling 32bit/ 192kHz digital to analogue converter 
Power supply: 475VA linear power supply
Dimensions (H X W X D): 105 x 420 x 320 mm
Finish: Stealth, Stone - Glass and Al casing
Weight: 9kg

Network connectivity
Cabled Network: Ethernet
Wireless Network: 802.11g
* UPnP / DLNA streaming, Qobuz, TIDAL, internet radio

Inputs/ Sources
CD, Optical SPDIF x 2; Coaxial SPDIF x 2; Streaming; Analogue Stereo RCA; USB A x 2 (iPhone, iPod & iPad compatible); USB B x 1; Bluetooth; DAB; FM; TuneIn Radio Online; TIDAL Music Streaming

Speaker Out - 1 stereo pair
Configurable Line Out x 2
Headphone Out - 3.5mm jack
Subwoofer Out

Enclosure: Hand-finished glass and aluminium casing

Internal power Supplies
Large toroidal transformer – linear power supply throughout for minimal noise
Huge power reserve provided by a vast 475VA linear power supply
Eleven separate power supplies – to maximise separation of different circuits

Digital audio performance
Sample rate compatibility: Up to 24 bit/192kHz
File compatibility: WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3, WMA, AIFF
USB drive file compatibility: FAT16, FAT32

Streaming Control Interfaces
LCD front panel display
Remote handset
Cadence App for Android and Apple IOS devices

Cyrus Lyric Stone & Stealth finish
LYRIC Stone (left) & Stealth (right)


‘Finishing Touch’ Enhancements

Speaker Impedance Adjustment
Lyric automatically senses the impedance of connected speakers and adjusts its output accordingly,
so that the output frequency range is matched to make the most of the speakers you are using.

Proximity Sensors
As you approach the unit to use its controls, proximity sensors will signal for the hidden unit lit
display to light up for you.

Ambient Lighting Sensors
When you don’t need it, Lyric blends into its surroundings so that you can simply enjoy the music.
Its built-in light sensors constantly check the light levels of the room, and adjust the brightness of
the display accordingly.

Speaker system configurable
2.0 or 2.1 speaker system configurable with full or high pass filter primary output and full or low pass filter , fixed or variable subwoofer output.

Cyrus Lyric Stealth finish
LYRIC Stealth (rear panel)

FAQ Streaming Music Players


FAQ Streaming Music Players

Q. How can I connect if I do not have a Wireless or LAN installation?
A. If wireless reception is limited or non existent and you do not have a LAN network installed then you can try using one of the many Homeplug products on the market. This allows the transmission of network data across your ring main. We have had particular success with the Netgear Powerline range of products. Try to aim for 200mb and above for best range and speed. Alternatively you can still stream from a USB drive, but for best use we always recommend streaming from a NAS drive.

Q. Is a computer the best place to store my digital music files?
A. No. It is fine to rip your music CDs on a computer, but it is best to store the files on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive. There are many benefits to using a NAS drive including:

1. The streaming of media isn’t dependent on your PC being switched on
2. Offers improved speed and stability
3. A cost effective solution to storing large amounts of data
4. NAS drives are quiet and energy efficient

Q. Why do you recommend using a switch when I have spare ports on my router?
A. The network switch solely deals with the routing of data and therefore transfers data more quickly and reliably between your networked audio devices. It will provide the fastest and most consistent level of data transmission between the Cyrus Streaming product and your NAS drive.

Q. Why do you recommend using a wired network rather than wireless?
A. For ultimate performance we recommend a wired network due to its increased speed and stability. This method is also independent from external wi-fi interference.


CYRUS streamers - How to set up your home network for streaming high quality music

Cyrus Lyric rear panel drawing
CYRUS_Lyric_brochure (PDF)
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