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ELAC 310 Indies Black
ELAC 310 Indies Black on LS 70 MKII stands ELAC 310 Indies Black back view ELAC 310 Indies Black side view


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ELAC 310 IB - Hifi & records (Germany) review

ELAC 310 Indies Black

ELAC 310 IB - Hifi & records (Germany) review
  • The Elac 310 Indies Black is a neutral and therefore highly musical speaker, whose slightest virtue still exists in the stress-free long-term listening. 
  • It impresses with holographic space, approach loosely pulse processing and - especially impressive for a speaker of this size - a tremendous ability to reproduce low notes clean.

ELAC 310 CE - STEREO (Germany) review


ELAC 310 CE - STEREO (Germany) review
  • Relaxed, airy and warm presentation trimbrierten, natural voices caress.
  • The little crystal from the Baltic Sea is a sparkling gem that stands out in the tide of compact speakers offer.

ELAC 310 CE - HiVi (Japan) review


ELAC 310 CE - HiVi (Japan) review
  • ELAC 310 CE are the "BEST BUY" Award-winning speakers, division 10-20 million - Japanese audio magazine HiVi.

ELAC 310 CE - AVmagazin (Germany) review


ELAC 310 CE - AVmagazin (Germany) review
  • "Very good"; Spitzenklasse; Price / performance: "outstanding"
  • The Elac 310 CE precipitated with excellent craftsmanship and elegant design, is flexible in terms of installation and electronics.
  • Its compact design easily deceives across the sophisticated technology and their great sound potential, the 310 CE is a secret from the Elac portfolio for friends high quality compact monitors.

ELAC 310.2 JET - Audiophilia (Canada) review

ELAC 310.2 JET

ELAC 310.2 JET - Audiophilia (Canada) review
  • ELAC gets the balance of its JET mini monitor right. Most genres of music were highlighted by the design. The speakers captured the essence, the 'goodness' of the recording. They shouted 'mini monitor' by the broadness of the soundstage (front, back and sides) and the tight imaging,
  • It's a no brainer that well-designed mini monitors and the human voice are made for one another. As such, voices from Jessye Norman's soprano (Strauss' voluptuous Four Last Songs) to Hans Hotter's bass (Schubert's Die Wintereisse) sounded superb. Jazz and chamber music, too.
  • The ELAC 310.2 Jets sound as good as very expensive mini monitors I've heard from Dynaudio, Totem and ProAc -- three manufacturers who have cut their teeth on designing gems of the style. High praise, indeed. So, if your room space is limited, you enjoy high style, and want some very impressive high-end sound, give these gorgeous silver blocks a listen. They sound as good as they look.

ELAC 310.2 JET - Haute Fidelite (France) review

ELAC 310.2 JET

ELAC 310.2 JET - Haute Fidelite (France) review

ELAC 310.2 JET - AreaDVD (Germany) review

ELAC 310.2 JET - AreaDVD (Germany) review

ELAC 310.2 JET

ELAC 310.2 JET - AreaDVD (Germany) review
  • The small C310.2 Jet is the surprise of the test field and wins the price / performance award!
  • Although extremely detailed and informative airs, but never sounds exhausting. It allows therefore both the intense, conscious listening experience, as well as the subtle background music at a dinner. For the latter fits their very appetittliche optics.
  • Despite the use of metal materials, the C310.2 Jet does not act as a foreign body in the apartment, but can be harmoniously and unobtrusively integrated in residential landscapes. Currently we have no alternative for an investment of € 599 (per piece), which combines such a fascinating blend of audiophile aspects and universal applicability.

ELAC 310 i JET - Hi-Fi World (UK) review


ELAC 310 i JET - Hi-Fi World (UK) review
  • Lovely fast, clear sound majors on musicality. 10 year guarantee too. (Elac 310i Jet, Jul 99:)
ELAC 310 IB JET III tweeter
  • TT115AS-XR: difuzor midbass de 115mm cu membrana sandwich hartie-aluminiu "Crystal"
  • JET III: tweeter cu tehnologie Air-Motion-Transformer (folded foil) Indies Black
  • DC ring (JET Dispersion Control): inel pentru controlul dispersiei ce se monteaza in jurul tweeterului JET
  • Solid, extruded aluminium sheath results in an extremely rigid cabinet
  • The ELAC 310 IB in practice does not have a baffle: Voluminous depth, impressive sound stage and perfect location are the result!
  • Indies Black crossover network: intricate crossover using exclusively selected components handmade in Germany

ELAC 310 Indies Black: dedicate fanilor impatimiti

Minimonitorul optim cu design si tehnologie de inalta performanta ce garanteaza maximul de bas si cele mai aerisite si detaliate inalte.

Caracteristica extraordinara este cabinetul din aluminiu. Acesta consista din aluminiu extrudat de 6,5 mm, intarit in interior cu o ranforsare transversala. Astfel rigiditatea inalta a materialului permite cabinetelor sa atinga un caracter lipsit aproape 100% de rezonante.

In plus acest tip de cabinet ofera posibilitatea atingerii celor mai compacte constructii. Incinta acustica are panoul frontal redus la minim, ajungand foarte aproape de sursa de sunet punctiforma ideala. Imaginea sonora tridimensionala si aerisita rezultata se desfasoara incredibil de bine in special la montarea pe standuri.

Acest model clasic este un exemplu de sinteza perfecta a tehnologiei si designului si se distinge prin estetica uimitoare si functii tehnologice avansate.
ELAC LS 70 & ELAC FS 70 II speaker stand Disponibil ca accesoriu: standul LS 70 este perfect adaptat pentru aceasta incinta acustica. In plus exista posibilitatea fixarii cu surub pentru stabilitate si siguranta sporita.
Dimensions H × W × D
208 × 123 × 270 mm Details
Gross Volume
7.2 l
6.9 kg
2-ways, bass reflex
Bass Port
1 × 115 mm black AS-XR cone
1 × 45 mm
1 × black JET III, (mag. shielded)
Recom. Amplifier Power
at Nominal Impedance
50-150 W / channel
Crossover Frequency

3,200 Hz

86 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
suitable for amplifiers (from ... to)
4 Ω
4 ... 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance
3.4 Ω at 280 Hz
Frequency Range acc. to IEC 268-5
42 ··· 50,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
70 / 90 W
black high gloss
ELAC 310 CE brochure

Treble Unit

ELAC JET III tweeter used in all 180 Series range

The ELAC JET tweeter is one of the most legendary tweeters in the hi-fi trade and has won international renown with its unusual transparent and effortless sound image.

The JET tweeter was delveloped to perfection on the basis of the famous 'Air Motion Transformer' by loudpseaker pioneer Dr Oskar Heil. Its principle: a concertinaed foil membrane is driven by a strong magnet system of neodymium rods.

This 'motor' drives the air considerably faster than the conventional pistonic technique. High sensitivity and extraordiary dynamics are the result. Due to continuous improvement, the JET III tweeter creates an effortless and airy resonance-free image up to 50,000 Hz, and with its linear frequency response is ideally suited for the reproduction of Hi-Res Audio music.

ELAC JET DC (Dispersion Control) ring
ELAC JET DC (Dispersion Control) ring
The ELAC "JET Dispersion Control DC" is a flat ring made of open-cell rubber foam which is mounted around the JET orifice with four clasps (or with adhesive tape).

The JET DC results in a broadband reduction of about 0.5 dB of the radiated sound level nearly independent of frequency. The JET DC is best suited for rooms with little sound absorption at high frequencies, especially for rooms with large windows without curtains or with a smooth floor without a carpet.

All loudspeakers of the 300 series are supplied with the JET Dispersion Control as an accessory.

Midbass Unit

TT115AS-XR black midbass used in: 310 Indies Black.

ELAC 310 CE - TT115AS-XR midbass

The woofer of the ELAC 330 Indies Black uses the "Crystal Membrane" (patent pending) and the design is based on the well-known "Aluminium-Sandwich AS Technology" which was developed by ELAC a couple of years ago. The crystal-shaped inverse aluminium dome is joined to the paper cone in a special glueing process resulting the desired sandwich construction.

The stamping of the aluminium foil looks like the surface of a large crystal, this is where the term "Crystal Membrane" come from. This stamping stiffens the aluminium dome considerably which diminishes the membrane-internal resonances resulting in less sound coloration and additionally improves the large signal behaviour noticeably.

The voice coil is not only - like usually - joined to the neck of the paper cone but also to the bottom of the aluminium dome. This design results in the expansion of the transmission range of the respective woofers or midrange drivers by nearly an octave. Therefore the abbreviation "XR" (eXtended Range) has been introduced.

ELAC 310 Indies Black Stereo Setup ELAC 310 Indies Black Stereo Setup
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