4Pi Plus.2 omni-directional ribbon tweeter

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"The "Khallık Fernını" opener sports very wispy cymbal and brush work across a widely spaced drum set. Some of it is so fine as to nearly fall below the treshold of audibility. The 4pi Plus.2 lowered that threshold and with it lifted a small damper on decay lengths."

"The illusion of paralleled performers playing the same notes was heightened. The breathiness of the solo bass ney was enhanced as well. Close-mic'd piano had clearly more overtone action, more energy spray off the strings. With Javier Perianes' inspired reading of Blasco de Nebra's Piano Sonatas [Harmonia Mundi], this effect was much subdued due to more farfield microphones. Now I had enhanced depth of field again."

"The 4pi Plus.2 is that Carnauba wax. Don't mistake this for brightness. It's not. This Elac action occurs above the region where a misjudged response telegraphs as bright. It's not about the Lowther shout domain. It's the realm of air."

"Another fringe benefit was better distinctiveness at lower levels. No matter what, reducing SPL fogs over the hifi window. It's not a matter of if but of when. This top-end loss and its various consequences are the things which classic tone controls—more or less crudely perhaps—compensated for. With the 4pi Plus.2 in the mix, the onset of this clouding over was delayed. Given that we do a lot of listening at lower levels, this was most welcome."

"Besides enhanced spaciousness, air and slightly glossier tone colours—plus all the obvious isolated stuff of better visibility for steeper more brilliant triangle hits and fierier violin flageolet—the perhaps primary benefit for visually oriented listeners should be a keener sense of 'holography'. That is about a level of distinctiveness and how individuated sounds peel out of their surroundings and against silence. Clearer separation is one aspect of it and as such most apparent on dense material. It's like turning up overhead lights to increase contrast."

"The 4pi's effectiveness comes as no surprise. It is perfectly logical and predictable... why haven't we heard more about this brilliant invention?..."

"It's Elac's 4pi radiation which makes the decisive difference. Because mbl's driver tech isn't available as an add-on and would likely be very inefficient and even costlier if it were, the 4pi Plus.2 occupies a league of its own. In my book, that makes it an especially super tweeter indeed."

4PI PLUS.2 - 6moons review


"Transparency and image placement were both improved, while the tonality and harmonics of mid and high-frequencies were both significantly better. Percussion detail was more natural, the nature of the instrument more apparent. But it was the texture and tonality in the lower-mid and bass that really impressed, with much greater definition and detail readily apparent. Dynamic speed, precision and substance were all improved along with the shape and duration of individual notes, making dynamic contrasts more emphatic and musically effective. This increase in presence extended across the entire range, brass in particular gaining body and a satisfyingly realistic rip to its tone. Overall timing was also improved with musical phrasing making more sense."

"This ELAC super-tweter extends the performance available from existing speaker systems in a significant and musically imporlant way. High-frequency extension is no optional tweak - it's a musical necessity, making your system more natural and more naturally communicative."

ELAC 4PI PLUS.2 - hi-fi + (UK) review

ELAC 4PI PLUS.2 omnidirectional ribbon tweeter
  • 4Pi: 360 degree omni-directional ribbon tweeter
  • Reglarea sensibilitatii in 5 trepte intre 84 si 92 dB / 2,83 V / m
  • Reglarea frecventei de taiere in trei trepte: 10, 12 si 15 kHz

Sunet perfect de jur-imprejur

Noul super-tweeter ribbon 4Pi Plus.2 este o componenta add-on capabila sa creeze o expresie sonora spatioasa, perfecta cand este instalat pe incintele acustice conventionale. Combinatia dintre o incinta cu radiatie directa - oferind o localizare si o imagine sonora precisa si super-tweeterul ribbon omnidirectional 4Pi Plus.2 - oferind un sunet aerisit si amplu, rezulta intr-o spatializare perfecta care nu se va regasi la nici o incinta acustica conventionala.

Reglaje optime ale frecventei de taiere si ale volumului

4Pi Plus.2 ofera o retea integrata pentru reglarea usoara a sensibilitatii sale in 5 trepte: -4, -2, 0, +2, +4 dB, in scopul de a optimiza combinatia cu orice incinta acustica a carei sensibilitate se va afla in intervalul 84 - 92 dB / 2,83 V / m. In plus frecventa de taiere a tweeterului 4Pi poate fi selectata in trei trepte: 10, 12 si 15 kHz.

Dimensions H × W × D
143 × 150 × 250 mm
Gross Volume
3 l
4 kg
1-way, add-on tweeter
Crossover Frequencies
10, 12, 15 kHz selectable
84 - 92 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
-4, -2, 0, +2, +4 dB selectable
Nominal Impedance
suitable for amplifiers (from ... to)
6 Ω
4 ... 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance
8 - 3.5 Ω at > 10,000 Hz
Frequency Range
acc. to IEC 268-5
(10,000) ··· 53,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
400 / 600 W
black high gloss
titan shadow hg
ELAC 4Pi Plus.2 brochure ELAC 4Pi Plus.2 manual
Brochure Manual

4Pi Plus.2 omni-directional ribbon tweeter

360 degree omnidirectional sound: an 0.006mm aluminium ribbon forms the membrane, which due to its low weight shows an extroardinarily high sensitivity. When a current passes this membrane it expands and contracts like a breathing cylinder. Driven by a strong neodymium magnet system, the flexible ribbon yields maximum levels up to 53,000 Hz.

The 4Pi technology creates homogenous radiation of high frequencies and offers homogenous sound propagation. Precise imaging and a 360 degree omni-directional sound radiation pattern results in an enlarged actual listening area.

VX-JET and 4Pi loudspeaker -  16255 Hz sound wave dispersion
VX-JET coaxial system 4PI two way system
16255 Hz sound wave tridimensional dispersion pattern
ELAC 4 Pi Plus.2 - tweeter add-on ribbon omnidirectional
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