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  • Sophisticated aluminum woofers: Through the use of aluminum, resonances that affect the linearity of common paper cones can be placed beyond the driver’s operating frequency range. An extended size magnet with vented pole piece increases power handling.
  • VX-Technology: The acclaimed drive unit, which combines the renowned JET tweeter with a ring-radiator midrange driver in a concentric arrangement, provides the foundation of these speakers remarkable sound. What sets it apart is the variable X-JET suspension, hence the designation VX-JET. The thinking behind this drive unit draws from the fact that every room presents different acoustic characteristics and that the same loudspeaker will produce different results from one room to another. A mechanism on the rear of the loudspeaker allows for stepless adjustment of the entire drive unit by up to 8 mm in front of and 8 mm behind the front baffle
  • Crystal membrane low midrange drivers: The eye-catching surface of the crystal membrane is more than just an attractive design feature. The midrange/woofers of the Concentro employs the Crystal Membrane (patent pending) and the design is based on ELAC’s Aluminum-Sandwich AS Technology.

Concentro: Defining the future of sound

The Concentro is a true benchmark loudspeaker designed to commemorate 90 years of ELAC history and in response to calls for a loudspeaker that rivals—and surpasses—the most ambitious designs in the audiophile landscape today.

Dimensions H × W × D
1680 × 460 × 610 mm
with spikes and base plinth
ca 152 kg
3 ways, bass reflex
4 × 250 mm Ø AS cone
Low Midrange
1 × 220 mm AS-XR cone
1 × 70 mm / 140 mm Ø AS-XR
honeycomb ring radiator
1 × JET V Core modified
Recom. Amplifier Power at Nominal Impedance
80-600 W / channel
Crossover Frequency
120 / 360 / 2,700 Hz
90 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
4 Ohm
Frequency Range acc. to IEC 268-5
18 ··· 50,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
300 / 400 W
black high gloss, white high gloss
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VX-JET coaxial Midrange-Treble Driver System

Dual-concentric 127mm midrange with JET 5 tweeter at its acoustic center.

  ELAC Concentro M - VX-JET ring radiator tweeter-midrange

VX-JET adjustment

By means of an continuously adjusting knob at the rear side of the speaker the whole VX-JET driver may be moved 8 mm out (in front of the baffle) or 8 mm in (behind the baffle). By varying the position of the VX-JET, the directivity pattern of the mid-/highfrequency range can be adjusted. The result is not a variation of the sound of the speaker but a variation of the ratio between direct and reflected sound at the listening position. For the first time the VX-JET allows a constant spaciousness over a number of different rooms and listening distances.

  ELAC Concentro - VX-JET ring radiator tweeter-midrange adjustment

Low Midrange Unit

Front-firing 220 mm crystal membrane low midrange unit.

  ELAC Concentro - Low Midrange Unit

Bass Units

Four side-firing 250mm woofers on either side of the enclosure are installed in a pulsee-compensated configuration, ensuring exceptional bass delivery in any room.

  ELAC Concentro - Bass Units

Custom Base

The base of the Concentro is a complex design machined from a single piece of aluminum that has a matt, clear-anodized -finish. Weighing more than 55 lbs, the base employs four adjustable, high-definition spikes for maximum stability and ideal coupling to hard or soft floor surfaces.

  ELAC Concentro - Custom base
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