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ELAC SUB 2060 ESP titan high gloss finish


  • TT180AS-XR LLD: doua difuzoare cu membrana sandwich hartie-aluminiu si cu tehnologie LLD (Long Linear Drive) pentru excursie marita si distorsiuni mici
  • Configuratie push-push/pull-pull a celor doua difuzoare - practic nu exista vibratii ale cabinetului care ar putea afecta negativ calitatea sunetului reprodus
  • Incinta inchisa pentru un bass controlat si foarte expresiv
  • ESP - circuit electronic de stabilizare ce previne aparitia suprasolicitarilor electrice si mecanice ale subwooferului chiar si la nivele extreme

SUB 2060 ESP: The finishing touch for sophisticated music lovers

The SUB 2060 ESP subwoofer combines stylish mirror-finish design and high tech. With its compact dimensions, this brilliant performer can be easily integrated in any interior design.

With its special  LLD driver technology (Long Linear Drive) the subwoofer is set apart from the rest by its extremely precise and distortion-free bass reproduction both during quieter and louder musical passages. 

Special feature: ESP® is a frequency and power dependent electronic stabilization programme for
controlled bass performance. Similar to ESP for cars where improved stability is provided, ELACs
subwoofer ESP® ensures controlled performance, even at maximum power. It also reduces background noises.

Dimensions H × W × D
440 × 230 × 300 mm Details
17.0 kg  
1-way active, closed box
2 × 180 mm AS cone LLD
push-push / pull-pull configuration
Upper Cutoff Frequency
40 ··· 180 Hz, adjustable
Frequency Range acc. to IEC 268-5
29 ··· 240 Hz
Phase control
Straight / Reversed
Max Amplifier Power
250 W (sine)
1 × Line level channel (RCA)
3 × Speaker level input channels
Input Sensitivity
Line level: 1 × 200 mV
Speaker level:    3 × 2.5 V
Auto switching threshold 5 / 80 mV
Shutoff delay about 15 min
Input Impedance
Line level: 35 kΩ
Speaker level: 220 Ω, floating
3 × Speaker level (hig-pass filtered)
Mains Voltages
90 ... 240 V~ / 50 ... 60 Hz
Power Consumption
max. 1.8 W (standby)
max. 380 W (at full-load operation)
black high gloss
titan shadow
white silk-matt
ELAC SUB 2060 ESP push-push/pull-pull
ELAC LLD woofers in push-push / pull-pull configuration: extremely precise and distortion-free bass reproduction both during quieter and louder musical passages
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