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Dayens Menuetto Custom - HiFi Statement (Germany) review

Dayens Menuetto Custom

Dayens Menuetto Custom - HiFi Statement (Germany) review
  • "Dayens from Serbia. Once again a company whose existence I had never heard before Wolfgang Kemper's appearance of the Dayens Ecstasy III Custom 2 meeting . The former Eastern Bloc is increasingly establishing itself as a counterbalance to the mass producers who have their products made in China and only stick their name tags to the products. From Serbia I already had the Soulines Dostoyevsky , from Romania the Audiobyte Black Dragon and of course as a classic the Heed Obelisk Sifrom Hungary. All of these companies have a peculiarity that they are usually owner-managed and the devices produced are born out of a passion for music. " 
  • "The paint and body of the strings are precisely realistic and holistic. At Pizzicati you can almost see the plucking of the strings. Brass instruments have a lot of radiance and brilliance, horns the quite characteristic pressure that the Dayens transports very impressively. In choral works, the Dayens Menuetto very realizes the power of voices and keeps the middle between mouths and bodies."
  • "Dayens Menuetto keeps the tradition of small, the music of committed amplifier like no other. He places music in the middle of the room and values ​​authenticity higher than brute force. Nice that in times of almost equalized offers there are also individualists." Matthias Jung, HiFi Statement
Dayens Menuetto - VilaSound (Portugal) review

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - VilaSound (Portugal) review
  • "Dayens Menuetto
    This is where a new competitor comes in the form of the small Serbian amplifier Dayens. The brand has built a 2x50W to 8ohm amplifier with high quality components (eg Mundorf capacitors) that are rare even in thousands of euros. Its construction still has a touch of craftsmanship and is very poor in terms of functions. It clearly rests on the maxim of less is more, with only 4 RCA inputs, a volume knob and an input selector. For 990 €, this amp is a find! Its 50W is quite sufficient for the Silver 200 and achieves a very good balance between the various volumes." 
  • " Creek Evolution 50A
    Since long ago one of the favorites here at VilaSound, the Creek lags slightly in terms of body and detail compared to the Dayens."
    Gustavo Rosa, Vila Sound
Dayens Menuetto - Voir et Emouvoir(France) review

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - Voir et Emouvoir(France) review
  • "The Menuetto has a charming look, black finish and compact size, with a light green light on the front panel. The weight of the Menuetto surprised me; I did not anticipate a hefty 7.5kgs for such a compact chassis (much of this due to the power supply)" 
  • "Some of the discs I listen to a lot at the moment like the latest Brad Meldhau and Mariza (a fabulous Fado singer) had a very pleasing natural presence."
  • "Dayens is a brand that has to be considered from now on. The musical performance compared to its price is remarkable. The customer is assured ‘a lot for his money’."
  • "Well done to Neil for having found this brand and thank you for providing the Menuetto for this review. The Menuetto will soon be available in the auditorium of Voir et Emouvoir."
Dayens Menuetto - Hifi Pig review

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - Hifi Pig review
  • "First impressions of the sound given by the Menuetto was a terrifically tuneful bass and dynamics that were instantly surprising." 
  • "Longer listening to the Menuetto got me really engrossed in its sound, it’s warm with vibrancy and surprisingly detailed and transparent, with a terrific soundstage"
  • "It comes packed with great PRaT, an informative balance of tone and detail and is dynamically capable of conveying drama and expression that will shock any Hifi aficionado."
  • "In this price range and a couple of bands higher, the Menuetto is going to upset some of the more mainstream brands with its confident attitude and remarkable performance." http://hifipig.com/
Dayens Menuetto - forum.polkaudio.com reveiw

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - forum.polkaudio.com reveiw
  • "My ears are not good enough to find any flaws with this piece. This was the Jordan Spieth of integrated amp world…it doesn’t necessarily do anything great, but does nothing bad. Solid all the way around. I’ll contradict myself here a little bit by saying that this piece was the most transparent of all the ones we listened to."
  • "I have one word to describe this pairing - LIQUID. Holee crapola. This pairing rivals some of the best I've heard. Everything just sounded so natural, like watching water flow. Everything was in its place, had a sweet sound to it, and was extremely organic. It wasn't forward or recessed. Nothing was overemphasized or underemphasized. This is approaching that nirvana that people spend years, sometimes decades, trying to achieve." http://forum.polkaudio.com/
Dayens Menuetto - Hi-Files reveiw

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - Hi-Files reveiw
  • "Homework for competition Conclusion As with other Dayens devices in Menuetto is noticeable great enthusiasm while playing all kinds of materials - it was made ​​by people who are themselves lovers of quality sound and good music, which you can clearly hear from every note. The visual impression is another plus, Menuetto, with it's discreet appearance and combination of classic and modern details, will easily fit into any environment. Finally, as already mentioned, freedom from non-core functions is not considered a minus but a brilliant way to get to the best possible sound at a given price. In this category, Menuetto is the champion." HiFiles No. 52, March 2013.
Dayens Menuetto - Positive Feedback reveiw

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - Positive Feedback reveiw
  • "After spending a couple of years in audio bliss with the Ampino, I felt the need to scratch my audiophile itch, and upgraded to their higher-end integrated amplifier, the Dayens Menuetto. An upgrade of this caliber requires a great deal of faith in a company and its products for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Dayens products are built in Serbia, and not readily available for audition in the US unless you live near their single US distributor in Georgia, which I do not. That said, I'm extremely happy with my new Dayens Menuetto integrated ($1250) - it offers the same open, lively sound, and extremely wide frequency range (1Hz - 200kHz) from a more powerful 40watts per channel. Output that is more dialed in, and just a touch more refined and dignified than the already excellent Ampino. Think: less "jumpy." Steve Kozle, Positive Feedback
Dayens Menuetto - Stereo Times (USA) review

Dayens Menuetto Integrated

Dayens Menuetto - Stereo Times (USA) review
  • "More over, the Dayens amplifiers (now two in my experience) have proven themselves reliable, very quiet in terms of electrical noise, and versatile in terms of preferred speaker pairings. I really wish there were a less clich�d way to convey to you that I really recommend you shortlist the Dayens Menuetto in its respective price range when auditioning amplification; especially if you particularly value tonal beauty but don’t want to put up with some of the added… errr… lets call it fun of owning a tube amplifier." David AbramsonStereo Times

Dayens Menuetto Custom Integrated Features:

  • Custom version of the Menuetto integrated amplifier
  • Mundorf MCap® Silver-Gold upgraded Input stage capacitors
  • WBT-0210 Cu Topline Nextgen upgraded RCA inputs (two pairs of four)
  • WBT-0708 Cu Nextgen upgraded speaker terminals (two pairs)
  • Significant sound improvement granted by the use of upgraded components


Technical Information

Continuous Power: 70W/CH (into 4 Ohms) 50W/CH (into 8 Ohms)
Frequency Response: 1Hz – 200Khz (-3dB)
Sensitivity: 220mV
Input impedance: 40kOhm (RCA)
S/N Ratio: > 100 dB
Dimensions (H x W x D): 105 x 230 x 350 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg
Finish: Black satin

Line inputs:
WBT-0210 Cu Topline Nextgen upgraded RCA inputs (2 pairs of four)
Mundorf MCap® Silver-Gold upgraded input capacitors

WBT-0708 Cu Nextgen speaker terminals (2 pairs)

Stamped steel chassis, black satin painted enclosure
Black acrylic face plate

Internal power Supplies
1 x 200 VA Toroidal transformer
2×15.000uF Mundorf MLytic® AG audio-grade electrolytic capacitors in the power supply

Dayens Menuetto Custom back panel
DAYENS Menuetto Integrated Manual (PDF)
DAYENS Menuetto - Stereo Setup
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