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XAVIAN Gran Colonna walnut finish
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  • Tweeter: Vifa/ Scan-Speak, 25 mm soft dome, wide surround
  • Midbass: Eton, 175 mm paper membrane, 26 mm voice coil, vented below spider, made in Germany
  • Cabinet: 22 mm MDF, handcrafted, massive aluminium bass-reflex port
  • Terminals: XAVIAN binding posts

Gran Colonna

The new Gran Colonna ( in Italian "great column" ) is a two-ways floorstanding bass-reflex system. The crossover now uses progressive slopes for stable soundstage and low distorsion. Equipped with a special made Eton mid-bass driver and a Vifa/Scan-Speak high-frequency driver, the new Gran Colonna promises to perform with temperament and character all kind of music you are used to listen to. Listening to different kinds of music, the emotional involvement will always catch your heart. Available natural wood veneers are: cherry, walnut, maple. On request nero and bianco may also be manufactured.

Mid-bass frequency unit 175 mm custom Eton driver, paper membrane, 26 mm voice coil, vented below spider
High frequency unit 25 mm Vifa/Scan-Speak, treated fabric soft dome, wide surround
System type 2 ways damped bass-reflex, massive aluminium front port
Cabinet 22 mm MDF, handcrafted
Frequency response ( -3 dB on reference axis ): 47 - 40000 Hz
Connection 1 pair of singly mounted XAVIAN binding posts
Nominal impedance 6 ohms
Crossover frequency 2600 Hz
Sensitivity ( 2,83V / 1m ) 89 dB
Recommended power amplification 30 - 120 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 900 x 200 x 234 mm
Net weight (1 unit) 16 kg
cherry, maple, walnut, nero real wood
XAVIAN Gran Colonna drivers

Treble Unit

25 mm Vifa/Scan-Speak, treated fabric soft dome, wide surround

Midbass Unit

175 mm Eton paper membrane, vented below spider - made in Germany


- Audio Grade high quality components
- Air wounded Inductor on tweeter section
- Film Capacitors on tweeter section
- High quality.resistors

Cabinet technology
XAVIAN Cabinet technology mix
XAVIAN Gran Colonna Stereo Setup XAVIAN Gran Colonna Stereo Setup
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