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XAVIAN XN 125 Junior
ATC SCM 7 disponibile in Demo
XN 125 Junior BS 243

XAVIAN NEOX 1 - HiFi Choice review


XAVIAN NEOX 1 - HiFi Choice review
  • The new series Neox has any data for this to succeed, given the style sound test monitors. Bas achieves incredible depth and extension worthy of some floor structures, and at the same time we are dealing with a typical sound monitors - easily "disappear" and are characterized by a coherent, compact sound.
  • So if you are looking for compact design of stand and you appreciate a very plasticity of sound and deep bass, it may turn out that the Czech structures you will enjoy. Listening to these columns, I got the impression that they are among the most complete sounding monitors, with which I had contact at all - of course at this price level.

XAVIAN NEOX1 - StereoLife (Poland) review


XAVIAN NEOX1 - Stereo & Video review
  • Compact, sleek monitors that play as if they were at least a half more expensive, and so it looks - both from outside and from the inside.
  • Listening to them I wondered how they managed to squeeze out as a full-range sound from such a small box.

XAVIAN NEOX1 - Stereo & Video review


XAVIAN NEOX1 - Stereo & Video review
  • Carefully tuned crossovers work with a cut-off frequency of 2500 Hz in wiring 2nd order (decline -12 db / octave); their districts find custom-made rolled capacitors and air coil so signal phase shifts are negligible.
  • The heights are crystal open in character, the Neox1 mid band has the finest detail and the bass is accurate, plus in the internal volume of about seven liters pleasantly surprised. But it is not only higher bass... there are also reproduced tones from representatively (second deepest) contra octave.
  • Musical sound; maximalist version; Verdict: outstanding
  • Tweeter: 25 mm selected XAVIAN impregnated soft dome design, copper shortcircuiting ring, wide angle dispersion design, Die-cast Aluminum faceplate
  • Midbass: 150 mm special custom Scan-Speak, made to Xavian specifications, iImpregnated paper membrane, soft dust cap, shortcircuiting ring in the motor, Die-cast Aluminum chassis vented below spider
  • Cabinet: 22 mm MDF, handcrafted, real wood veneers, rear firing aluminium bass-reflex port
  • Terminals: singly mounted XAVIAN binding posts

NEOX1 is a compact bass-reflex two-ways monitor completely hand-made in Prague.

Listening to acoustic and classic music is involving and impressive as well as listening to modern music.
Bass response is surprisingly deep and dinamic considering the compact cabinet size. Soundstage is focused and well defined. A new pearl for discerning listener.

NEOX1 is available in cherry, walnut, maple and nero finishes.

Mid-bass frequency unit
150 mm special custom Scan-Speak, made to Xavian specifications - impregnated paper membrane - soft dust cap - shortcircuiting ring in the motor - die-cast Aluminum chassis, vented below spider
High frequency unit
25 mm selected XAVIAN - impregnated soft dome design - copper shortcircuiting ring - wide angle dispersion design - die-cast Aluminum faceplate
System type
2 ways damped bass-reflex, rear aluminium port
22 mm MDF hand-crafted
Frequency response
(-3 dB on reference axis): 45 - 20000 Hz
1 pair of singly mounted XAVIAN binding posts
Nominal impedance
4 ohms
Crossover frequency
2600 Hz
Sensitivity (2,83V/1m)
86 dB
Recommended power amplification
30 - 120 W
Dimensions (HxWxD)
300 x 180 x 250 mm
Net weight (1 unit)
7 kg
walnut, cherry, maple and nero real wood veneer
XAVIAN NEOX1 drivers


Treble Unit

25 mm selected XAVIAN soft dome design:

- Impregnated fabric soft dome
- Copper shortcircuiting ring
- Wide angle dispersion design
- Die-cast Aluminum faceplate

Midbass Unit

150 mm special custom Scan-Speak, made to Xavian specifications:

- Impregnated paper membrane, soft dust cap
- Shortcircuiting ring in the motor
- Die-cast Aluminum chassis, vented below spider

XAVIAN NEOX1 crossover pic3


Precise and accurate filters never available before in this price category; completely hand-made in-house by Xavian in the beautiful Prague.

- Audio Grade high quality components
- Air wounded Inductors on all sections
- Film Capacitors on all sections
- 250V and 400V Polypropylene Film Capacitors, stable capacity, low loss. low tolerance

Cabinet technology
XAVIAN Cabinet technology mix
XAVIAN NEOX1 Stereo Setup XAVIAN NEOX1 Stereo Setup
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