ELAC 330 CE - i-fidelity (Germany) review

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Author: Stefan Gawlick



ELAC 330 Crystal Edition - At the top of the podium



"What can I say? The ELAC 330 CE are simply the best two-way monitors, which I have ever heard about the undoubted had fun. Here the best materials, a dream processing, pioneering engineering services and an apparently competent hands for acoustic fine-tuning each other. The result is nothing less than a audiophile luck. "

ELAC 330 CE frequency response - i-fidelity lab
ELAC 330 CE impedance - i-fidelity lab

"The 330 CE is incredibly clean, but never cold, in detail, but not zerfahren, and they build huge spaces that are still meticulously divided. The ELACs thus make the music much less in the way than most speakers, I know. You are the future for me the extent to which other structures have to say. "

Foto: i-fidelity.net
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