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ATC SCM 20 SLT - Tower Series


ATC SCM 20 SLT Features:

  • ATC 195mm Super Linear midbass driver
  • ATC 25mm Dual Suspension ‘S-Spec’ tweeter
  • 9kg optimised short-coil/ long gap motor assembly
  • In-house, hand-wound precision flat wire coil
  • Flat impedance curve allowing easy load for amplifiers
  • The hybrid design incorporates a 195mm bass cone on to which is grafted a 75mm soft dome.
  • The magnet assembly utilises ATC’s unique “SL” technology which greatly reduces distortion in moving coil drive units by a very significant 12-15dB (3rd harmonic). To minimise Time Domain Distortion both dome and cone are made from acoustically “dead” polyester wave material doped with ATC’s own formulation
  • Not only does the SCM20SLT reproduce bass with remarkable articulation and authority, it also has outstanding mid-band clarity, incredible dynamic range, and awesome power handling
ATC SCM 20 SLT Super Dome tweeter ATC SCM 20 SLT Super Linear midbass
25mm Dual Suspension ‘S-Spec’ Tweeter 195mm 'SL' Super Linear Mid/Bass


Drivers: HF 25mm ATC Neodymium, Mid/LF 195mm ATC Super Linear
Amplitude Linearity ±2dB: 80Hz–17kHz
Frequency Response -6dB: 60Hz – 22kHz (freestanding, no room gain)
Matched Response: ±0.5dB
Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical
Sensitivity (sine wave): 85dB @ 1W @ 1m
Max SPL: 108dB
Crossover Frequency: 2.8kHz
Connectors: Binding Posts/ 4mm banana plugs, bi-wire
Recommended Amplifier Power75-300 Watts
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 990 x 239 x 365 mm
Weight: 40kg

ATC SCM 20 SLT Stereo Setup ATC SCM 20 SLT Stereo Setup
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