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ATC P2 stereo power amplifier
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ATC SCM 40, P2 & CA2 Mk2 - LP (Germany) review

ATC SCM 40, P2 & CA2 Mk2

ATC SCM 40, P2 & CA2 Mk2 - LP (Germany) review
  • "It´s been a very long time since we reviewed a system that offers such excellent value for money as the combination of CA2 Mk II preamp, P2 power amp and SCM 40 loudspeakers from ATC.  Everything is simply perfect: Elaborate technology, clean measurements, and most important – an absolutely outstanding sound quality."  Martin Mertens, LP Magazin
ATC P2 - The Ear (UK) review

ATC P2 Pro

  • “I was very happy with my monitor speakers, but they seemed to lack bass extension; Matt Colton has active ATC SCM150 ASL PROs in his room, so I thought that an ATC amp might give me more bass.”
  • “The bass extension was great, but there was also a noticeable improvement overall — a smoothness that gave improved detail and clarity” 
  • “The difference wasn’t subtle with the P2 PRO. I called Ben Lilly, Technical Sales Manager at ATC, and told him he couldn’t have the demo unit back until he had sent me the one I bought!” Barry Grint , Alchemy Mastering
ATC P2 - The Ear (UK) reviewATC P2 - The Ear (UK) review


ATC P2 - The Ear (UK) review
  • The P2 has a remarkably light touch and a degree of transparency that is uncommon among high powered amplifiers. It allows the colour and variety of each recording to shine and unveils the method of their creation without undermining musical engagement. Even old favourite’s like Conjure’s ‘Wardrobe Master of Paradise’ (Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed, American Clavé) reveals layers of detail that usually remain hidden. 
  • You might get fancier metalwork and shinier connections but I guarantee you won’t find more grip and control. This means you get precisely as much kick drum as the engineer was able to capture.
  • The ATC is a very even handed and capable amplifier indeed, it eschews an ‘impressive’ sound in favour of quietly getting on with the job of revealing more of the music than the majority at its price and doing so in an effortless fashion. Jason Kennedy

ATC P2 - Hi-Fi News reviewATC P2 - Hi-Fi News reviewATC P2 - Hi-Fi News review


ATC P2 - Hi-Fi News review
  • Put simply, it just sounds ‘right’. In fact, this became a difficult review in some ways as I spent so much time enjoying the music that I kept forgetting I was supposed to be assessing the product. Still, when a component makes you concentrate on the music to the exclusion of all else, it must be a good one.
  • In terms of spatiality, the P2 made my loudspeakers simply disappear. There was no sense of things being stretched artificially in width across the soundstage or depth vanishing off into the distance. Nor did the amplifier try to project things unduly, or seem to be throwing out random detail as if in an attempt to impress. Instead, it just took the material and pulled absolutely everything it needed to from it. As a result, the P2 made everything a truly compelling listen.
  • There was an intimacy to Miss Krall’s vocals and she was placed perfectly centre-stage. Her voice had real form and every subtle intonation and intake of breath sounded just that little bit more lifelike. In this respect, the P2 seemed less a hi-fi component and more a direct conduit for the music.
  • At the bottom end, the P2 digs deeply and in a very well controlled manner. Yet again, it managed to pull that little bit more from everything.
  • In terms of detail, the P2 struck gold once again. Instruments were lifelike and beautifully atmospheric, no matter whether a recording featured a soft solo acoustic ensemble or a grand orchestral bombardment.
  • The amplifier seemed more able than most to separate out the instruments to make everything easy to follow, but only if I chose to do so. I could concentrate on a particular violin or trombone if I wanted to, yet the overall cohesion of each performance was stunning. Even during the most dynamic of crescendos, which the P2 would expand with gusto, there was no hint of muddle or compression. Adam Smith, Hi-Fi News, March 2017.

ATC P2 - Haute Fidelite reviewATC P2 - Haute Fidelite review


ATC P2 - Haute Fidelite review
  • DYNAMIQUE: Le P2 a cranement dejoue tous nos pieges musicaux, notamment le solo de batterie sur "Company" par Patricia Barber ou les frappes tous azimuts ecoutees a haut niveau ont retenti de maniere physique sans saturation ou distorsion audible.
  • ATTAQUE DE NOTE: L'ATC est un amplificateur rapide dans ce sens ou il respecte totalement le rythme de la partition en ecoute... La lisibilite este tout a fait excellente avec des contours de notes precis.
  • SCENE SONORE: Autre consequence de cette velocite, l'espace sonore este tres bien proportione avec une focalisation nettes des interpretes.... La grande harmonie spatiale du P2 qui rend la restitution absolument credible.
  • TRANSPARENCE: L'ATC P2 reussit le pari de proposer une ecoute a la fois nerveuse, rigoureuse et rafinee... Un savant cocktail de dynamite et de soie ou la neutralite reste au premier plan.
  • VERDICT: Les fabricants d'enceintes acoustiques qui construisent des electroniques ne sont pas legion. L'anglais ATC est de ceux-la et il le fait brillamment.... A decouvrir absolument, sans aucun a priori.

The new ATC P2 power amplifier

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new product, the P2 Power Amplifier.  The P2 generates 300W/Ch -  twice the power of its smaller P1 sibling!  It will drive the most challenging loudspeakers with ATC’s signature virtues of wide bandwidth and ultra-low distortion.  The ATC P2 is a Dual-Mono design, keeping the power supplies, signal and return paths discreet. This approach ensures that the amplifier will achieve the maximum signal separation with minimal crosstalk, and that intermodulation between channels via the power supplies is reduced to an absolute minimum across a frequency range of 400kHz. It also means that the power delivery from one channel cannot affect the specified power available from the other.  

New Top Cover/ Lid Design:
The lid/cover thickness has been increased by 30%.  The result is stiffer and heavier and gives the ‘feel’ of much higher quality.  This is not the only change: the design of the venting has also been revised; the steel mesh covering the heatsink vents has been replaced by a beautiful acid-etched stainless steel insert.  Not only does this component greatly enhance the amplifier visuals, it also reduces chassis vibration.

New Power Supply Design:
The P2’s power supply includes a massive, custom-made 400 VA low-noise transformer for each channel.  The final design of these transformers is the result of seven design iterations with the goal of achieving best possible audio performance and lowest possible mechanical noise.  This was achieved by using a very high grade steel core which is then vacuum impregnated with high temperature resin, post winding.  The mains power ‘soft-start’ feature has also been revised, slowing the rate at which the unit powers up.  

We’ll leave you to give us the final verdict - we’re confident you’ll be impressed! 

ATC P2 detail

ATC P2 Features:

  • Latest ATC discrete MOSFET grounded source output stage.
  • 300W into 8 ohm continuous power O/P capability
  • True dual-mono design delivers full power simultaneously from both channels, with minimal crosstalk
  • Ultra wide 400kHz bandwidth to ensure best possible transient reproduction, vanishingly low distortion, high dynamic range and tonal accuracy
  • No compromise, high performance power supply, custom low noise toroidal transformers.and large heatsinks guarantee outstanding stability and long term reliability
  • Entirely separate power supplies for high voltage audio, low voltage audio and logic/control.
  • Neutral fidelity ensures excellent product compatibility
  • New chassis design for reduced vibration and a more striking visual appearance.
  • Hand built in the UK and supported by a 6 year warranty


Output Power into 8 Ω: 300W
Input Sensitivity: 2V RMS (for 150W, 8 ohm, 1 kHz)
Input Impedance: 10k ohms/ leg
Frequency Response (-3dB): 2Hz – 400KHz
Signal to noise ratio: >110dB (DIN)
Crosstalk: >100dB
THD: >0.002%/ -95dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 141 x 448 x 337 mm
Weight: 30kg

ATC P2 detail
ATC P2 user manual
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