ELAC 330.3 - AVmagazin (Germany) review

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Author: Philipp Schäfer

ELAC 330.3 JET

ELAC 330.3 - avmagazin test results


After installing the ELAC 330.3 optional on the LS stands 65, we will connect the boxes duo with a tube amplifier brand Tube Amp Company, better known as the TAC. The better a loudspeaker, the more careful you have to select the electronics, since phonetic weaknesses connected Zuspieler ruthlessly revealed. The impedance balanced course is the ELAC Kompaktbox 330.3 excellent for connection to tube amp. Since no ribbon tweeter coil, is the frequency-dependent resistance in the course very high linear and therefore recommends for the analog signal via tube. To use the TAC 88, in the final stage section, as the name suggests, on strong KT88 tubes modules. Unlike the popular but cheaper EL34 tubes, they offer more power. Since ELACs two-way system has a sensitivity of 87 decibels at 2.83 volts which is also in spirited dynamics jumps sufficient power reserves from the amplifier electronics ensured.

After the obligatory warm-up, we let the first hearing session leisurely start. Audio software "AVmagazin" in this test a first-class classical music recording and interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. The Universal Super Audio CD with the number 60597 offers regarding resolution of dynamic range and best conditions for a speaker to assess. The tonal frequency range is also unusually large, so the range of test criteria a highly critical assessment. Since we have a couple stereofones speaker test, we of course, the dual track of the hybrid CD. Los geht´s! Let's go!

We choose the eighth piece of the CD, the Suite No.. 2, Opus 64B. 2, Opus 64B. On a weighted sound pressure level of 90 decibels, we reject us back and wait for the things that may come. The first minute passes, then the second and third. We listen to the harmonies and emotionally charged level jumps this immense world-class recording. And what comes to us? Nothing. Yes, you read correctly, nothing falls on us. While the impressive symphony orchestra achieves a masterly performance, our ears completely relax. The violins and violins sound as it is now sound. Brass instruments like trombone and bassoon sounds also unspectacular, easy course. The temperamental instruments played Perkussiv erklingen with insolent composure and sovereignty. Us is still nothing in particular. But can that be?Yes it can. And it is good, even very good. This ELAC 330.3 JET is an acoustic sensation. It adds nothing to the original signal added, but nothing concealed. This allows the instruments fully phonetically. Unlike other first-class speakers, they are not in the foreground, but leaves it alone the music, our sense organs to spoil. The emotional development in the brain may be alone in the perceived. That is listening pleasure at the highest level.

The rasiermesserscharfe detail resolution and the dynamics of this absolutely magnificent speaker can forget a musical retort to listen. The phasentreue space and playful level resistance to conceal the fact, two small boxes to sit. So we can rightly say just the best compact speakers in the world to have experienced. The music is pure enjoyment, emotionally gripping and dangerous high addiction potential.

Test result


2-way compact speakers, ribbon tweeter JET III, 18-inch cone woofer with aluminium membrane, 7.5-mm aluminum housing, Bi-wiring port terminal with gold screw and cable bridges, transmission range up to 50 kg Hertz


The ELAC 330.3 JET is a treat as he audiophile in the Book.  The futuristic exception brilliant speaker with impressive naturalness and exorbitantem detail.  Dynamic range and resistance level round the brilliant performance of these acoustic Hi-Fi pearl impressive.  This is the benchmark, without ifs and buts.  Bravo and compliment to Kiel!

Foto: www.av-magazin.de
Jürgen Immes
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