ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - AVmagazin (Germany) review

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ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - AVmagazin (Germany) review



Tonal experience

ITo BS 203 A is not equal in the border area to make it absolutely could subtly receives. By David Russell, we met the right choice. His album "Renaissance Favorites" is well known for its extremely focused picture. Immediately makes the excellent choice of chassis ELAC noticeable: precise and detailed instrument Russels is displayed. The William Byrd composed of "The woods so wild it appears acoustically in the Middle Ages. Compared with the tone of the original instrument differences are hardly evident. Convincing is also the depth staggering. Thanks to the Jet III tweeter succeed the resolution higher frequency spectrums effortless. Moreover, this picture does not sound tiring, because the exact timing between the chassis pulls the listener very easily. For comparison hinzugezogene boxes same price class sound on the other hand, dull and tired. That's no acoustic character of BS 203 A is made with bluegrass artist Rhonda Vincent clear their album a warm summer evenings really fun atmosphere. Brilliant was here with the title "Heartbreakers alibi" happens, the fast-played string instruments lives. With the small ELACs are audible, the other speakers simply swallow. These pop songs also packs a groove. Bearing in mind that in the BS 203 A 15-centimeter-Bass chassis, is the performance frighteningly good. with the Space Night CD Vol 20 grew the dainty black buzzer about themselves out. sonor are deep and wide areas and electronic sound so as Boxing at this "size" otherwise not be possible. The coincidence provided this statement to prove his contribution. While the editors sat in the testing room, another colleague entered the listening room, sat down to and enjoyed the music. Yet he believed that a nearby stand of ELAC standing speaker source of sound. After this misunderstanding was cleared up, he showed that if Tieftonfundaments of the anniversary editions of ELAC impressed. What the BS 203 A really, is the fact that they are all in exact proportions without depicting analytically sound. In other words, they guarantee long-term musical entertainment at a very high level and at the superior price / performance ratio. Congratulations to 80ten - the AV magazine celebrates.

Test result


Compact speaker, ELAC JET III tweeter, medium capacity, painted surface, limited edition model, Bi-wiring connections, optional stands, bass Control closures


The compact speaker ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition are a delightful mix of precision and emotion.  Whether as a bookshelf speaker with the bass control closures or with the help of the state LS 70 feet up freely alter the judgement of these black beauties, they sound very good and have a superior price / performance ratio.  In view of this offer should be at ELAC ever consider what the next anniversary will be celebrated.  Professional listeners are very grateful for speakers as the BS 203 A, which is the highlight of the AV-stamp magazine honestly earned


ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - front view
ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - back view
ELAC BS 203 Anniversary Edition - xover detail
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